Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Serials

Well the results are in and apparently 74 percent of all readers want serials. This is sort of news to me, because when I grew up, as a reader, there were very few SciFi and Fantasy serials. If you got a duo or trilogy that was a pretty big deal. Most people really weren't all that interested in serials, but apparently today that is the #1 for the vast majority.

So what does this mean for me? Well it means that when I finish the current novel (which is in an unrelated world and genre to the current ones), I'm only going to write sequels to 'The Hammer Commission', the Book currently in progress, or more stories in the 'Children of Steel' universe. The ones in the COS universe may not be serials at first, but you will see existing characters and there will be overlap, so technically those will fall into the 'serial' category, and apparently that is what people want.

I have yet -another- story in the works from yes -another- world, it's actually from the first world I ever created and is fantasy. It's also about half finished, but I'm going to shelve that for now. I may come back to it eventually and finish it, or maybe I'll just release the first half and turn it into a serial/series. Of course that would give me 4 simultaneous series going on, but if they were all selling that might be worthwhile. Hard to say. Then of course there is the PNR I write under a pen name. Most of that is sort of serial, but it's a side project that I only work on occasionally. But apparently some people want to see more of that...

So what I really need to do is develop the fortitude and discipline to write 8 hours a day. Then maybe I could keep up.