Monday, March 30, 2020

So my Cat Died

I ran out to the store to post a letter and get a few things. When I came back, I decided I should go in my office to spend some time with her. Since she's been sick she's pretty much been quarantined to the office, because it's 'her' room, and the dogs can be kept out. As she hasn't been able to jump the gate since she got ill, it kept her in there too.

I checked her, she was under the low coffee table, which has always been one of her favorite spots (as no one can bug here there). She was a little unresponsive at first, but then lifted her head and looked at me. About five minutes later, while I was checking a few things she let out a yowl and didn't stop. I had to move a bunch of stuff so I could move the table out of the way, but she was convulsing.

So I kept her company and petted her and talked to her, as it got less and less. She was obviously having a hard time breathing (which was the reason for the yowls) and they got softer and longer between and eventually she just stopped. I waited a good long while to be sure, but she had gone.

I went out and dug a grave in the backyard, in the rain. I put it inside the fence-line. I don't want coyotes digging her up. I also put about 50 or 70 pounds of large rocks on top. Don't want my dogs digging at it either, though she's about two feet down. I hate digging in Texas gumbo.

I'm going to miss her. I got her back in 2007, her primary domain has always been my office. She would sit in my lap or on my desk when I was working. She would also sit in my lap when I watched tv, or was sitting on the couch working in the living room. She also would come and sit with me whenever I played bass. Guitar, not so much, but she really liked the bass.

She went downhill fast when she got cancer. It only took a few days until it became obvious she was having problems. Took her to the vet and they told me she had less than two weeks. That was ten days ago. Yesterday was her 'last hurrah'. She was much more engaged and wanted attention and was eating treats and paying attention. Last night she parked herself and didn't move much until this morning. By this afternoon it became clear that she didn't have much time left.

So yes, I'll miss her. I don't think I'll be getting anymore cats. Her name, was Mia.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

So my cat is dying

Took my cat to the vet on the 18th because she wasn't doing well and after keeping her a few days they told me she has cancer and is dying and won't last two weeks.

So yeah, she's definitely sick. She's lost almost all of her muscle tone, I'd say she's skin and bones, but unfortunately her belly is bloated, from the problems associated with the cancer. She drinks a little, only eats treats (in small amounts) really only moves around occasionally and mostly just lies around.

But she's aware and she seems relatively content. Of course she doesn't groom herself anymore, she hasn't got the energy, and I think I may have to wash her soon (not something I'm looking forward to). The thing is, the vet told me she had 'two weeks left, at best'. Well it's almost a week and a half now and at times she seems to be doing better (if only she would eat more).

It's rough being on a death watch. It's rougher still when you have to make a lot of changes to make sure the cat is taken care of, kept away from the dogs (Who won't understand why she doesn't want to play anymore), and because she can't come out and spend time with me anymore, (she used to either lie on my lap or on my desk while I worked) I have to go spend time with her. Every morning you get up and go check on her to see if she's still alive. Every time you go out for a while, you have to check on her again. She can barely make any noise, so you never know for sure where she is, so you constantly have to check before moving a chair back or something. And she's confined to the floor now. All of the things she used to sleep on, she can't get to anymore.

So with all the other BS going on these days, it's just another added difficulty. I wonder just how much longer it'll go on. When one of our dogs died a few years back, we spent a week taking special care of him (and a 120 lb dog needs a lot of care). When he started to act normal again, we thought he'd pull through, then he died that night while we were sleeping. Not a pleasant discovery, but at least he didn't suffer and it was over quickly.

This isn't going quickly, and while she's not suffering now, I don't know that won't change. And if worse comes to worse, will there even be a vet open to take her to? Yeah, not a pleasant thought.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Another Audio Release today on Audible

The Hammer Commission Audiobook Bundle that I was working on a few weeks ago is now available on Audible. Three books, 18 hours, for the price of one book (actually I think they put it on sale too right now).

No Regrets, Book #17 in the Valens Legacy now on Audible!

So for all of you who have been waiting, No Regrets, the last book in the Valens Legacy, is now out in audiobook.

Link -> No Regrets on Audible

Thursday, March 19, 2020

The "I'm Stuck at Home with Nothing to Read" Sale

Many of you I know are stuck at home this weekend and all of next week due to the Corona Virus. I wanted you all to know that I sympathize and wanted to do something to help. So, to make it easier on all of you, I've created this:

Introducing The Corona Virus Sale:

On Sale from this Saturday (21st) at 7am (in US stores) and 4am in UK stores until Midnight Friday the 27th! That's right, all of the following books are on sale for 99 cents, for the entire week!
That's Nineteen books for only 99 cents each (or pence I guess if you live in the UK)!

As John Van Stry:
Hammer Commission Books:
Hammer Commission (Book 1)
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The King of Las Vegas (Stand Alone)

Children of Steel Universe:
Children of Steel
Danger Money

Portals Of Infinity:
Champion For Hire (Book 1)
The God Game (Book 2)
Of Temples and Trials (Book 3)
The Sea of Grass (Book 4)

Days of Future Past Trilogy:
Past Tense (Book 1)
Present Tense (Book 2)
Future Tense (Book 3)

As Jan Stryvant:
The Valens Legacy Series:
Black Friday (Book 1)
Perfect Strangers (Book 2)
Over Our Heads (Book 3)
Head Down (Book 4)


That's right! ALL are on sale for only 99 cents each (or 99 pence I guess if you're in the UK) from Saturday morning (the 21st) until midnight Friday, the 27th! If you're stuck at home, I wanted to be sure everyone could afford to have something, or lots of things, to read!

Link to the Sale Page:

Links to books under my name, John Van Stry can be found at:
Links to books under my pen name Jan Stryvant can be found at: