Saturday, October 25, 2014

Book 3: Of Temples and Trials goes on Sale Saturday!

I just published Portals of Infinity, Book 3: Of Temples and Trials on Amazon. The book should be available for purchase by Saturday evening, Pacific Standard Time (assuming no hiccups from the publishing programs at Amazon!)

Book 3 will only be available on Amazon for now, and I will be limited the other books in the series (Books 1 and 2) to Amazon for the foreseeable future as well. There are several reasons for this, but primarily 99 percent of my readers are on Amazon, and it makes things a lot easier (and cheaper) to only have to maintain in one place for now.

Thanks to all of you.


Edit: The new book is up sooner than I expected, here's the link:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Portals of Infinity - Book One: Champion for Hire, Audio Book is almost finished!

The Audio Book version of Book One: Champion for Hire is nearing completion! Rob Shamblin, who is doing the narration has really been doing a wonderful job and is actually ahead of schedule.
Hopefully we'll have the audio version available well before Thanksgiving. As this is my first foray into the world of Audiobooks, I have no idea how long the process takes, once the narrative part is done. But Rob assured me it will be out before the holiday.

He really is very talented. Hope I can get him to do the next book as well!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Thinking of going exclusive to Amazon only

I've been thinking of going exclusive to Amazon only of late. The biggest reason why is that's where the vast majority of my sales are. Smashwords sells a few, itunes a couple, and Barnes and Noble only a few as well.
But if I go exclusive to Amazon I can get into some of the unlimited programs, which may help garner more sales. Which is the name of the game after all.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Some people I just don't understand

So, I was reading a review for a scifi book, and the reviewer was going on in some detail as to the 'poor writing' of the story. Or at least what they considered poor writing. They mentioned at one point how most of the book (I think they said 80 percent) was about sex, and all nothing but sex. Which if it had been, it probably would have been a best seller, but I ended up wondering if they were reading the same book I was? Yeah, I think there were a couple of sex scenes in the book (mild I'd say by today's standards) and sex was alluded to more than once (as in people were sleeping together! The horror!)

But I really don't have any idea where the hell they came up with that idea. To be honest I think that they didn't read the book at all, or if they did, they read some of the book, and then tossed it and wrote their review. But I've seen this before, and I often wonder if they even really bought the book, or if they did buy it, if they just returned it (so they never really paid for it, but still get the tag saying they did) so they could just write a nasty review that has very little relation to the story.

I used to always give the 5 star reviews a bit of a careful view, because you'd wonder if friends or family wrote them. But these days, I'm starting to wonder about the negative reviews, because I'm starting to see negative reviews on books that have very little relationship to the story. They'll take an aspect of the story, slag it, and then claim that's going on throughout the book. Maybe it's just the latest form of trolling?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Book 3 is finished! Will be available soon.

Actually I finished it last weekend. At this point I'm waiting for feedback from my Beta readers, the cover to be delivered, and then a last pass for editing. So Portals of Infinity, Book Three: Of Temples and Trials will be available for sale within the next two weeks.

I'm sorry it wasn't available already, but taking the Oregon job pushed the book's completion back a good ten days. I don't have a release date on book four yet, but rest assured that there will be one.

Friday, October 03, 2014

A Question for my readers

I'd appreciate a response from those who read this.

Which do you prefer in a story?
a) 1st Person
b) 3rd Person
c) Doesn't matter.

I ask because while most of my stuff is 1st person, some of the stuff I'm looking at in the future maybe be 3rd person. And I was curious as to how my readers feel about that.