Friday, October 07, 2022

An update

Someone asked for a blog update, and so, here's an update.

I'm finishing up the first draft on Portals of Infinity #11.

Once that's done I really need to get the sequel to Summer's End (the book I wrote for Baen Books) done. I actually have a ton of work I want to do for Baen, so I'll be writing a bunch of those over the next year or two.

The next Valens Heritage book will most likely be about Troy. Then another one about Mihalis. At least one of those should be done by the end of this year. After I finish those there may be a collection of shorts and novellas dealing with some of the other characters in the family. I also need to write the book (or books) I hinted at, at the end of the last Mihalis book.

Once I get through those, I'll have to think about what I wish to write next as Jan Stryvant. Right now I have a lot of stuff lined up under John Van Stry, where it's been the opposite for the last several years. There is a LOT that I can do in the Valens Universe - it's pretty ripe with potential. So on that, I'll just have to see.

On the personal front I messed up my arm (somehow) and I need to take a bunch of drugs and do physical therapy for the next few weeks. Hopefully it'll solve the problem, because it hurts like a bitch. I'm trying to get back to building guitars in the evenings, because I enjoy it and it relieves a certain amount of stress. We're still in a drought here and it's definitely causing issues. I wish it would friggin rain already. 

Part of what sucked up a LOT of my time last month was the local con I went to, because my publisher was there and I had two series I want to sell her that we discussed. So I had to write the entire plot line for two entire series. She's interested in both of them so I need to start on one of them and get it written, though again, need to write Troy #2 as well. Yes, lots of work to do and I'm -hoping- that certain things stop happening, where I have to go get involved in other folk's problems because they need help (hope that's non-specific enough). I really just want to get back to writing and putting out a book every month. 

I suspect a lot of you folks out there would like that as well.

So yes, I've been busy. No, I haven't been dead. Not much else to say beyond that right now.