Saturday, June 21, 2014

So the next book is ready to go but...

So the next book is done. Actually the next two books are done, as they're I and II of a series. I've had my beta readers read them, I've edited and re-edited, cleared up mistakes, etc.

But I'm face with two problems: The first is that I have no idea what to put on the covers. The second is that I don't really have the money to hire someone to do a cover right now.

Now the second problem will soon be corrected, as I just took an assignment in Lost Wages for the next six or so months. However I'm still really at a loss on the cover angle. I do have a suggestion from one reader for the cover for book two, and I'll probably go with that. But I really need to figure out book one, then of course track down a cover artist to do the cover for me.

I'm hopeful at this point that the new book will be live by the end of July. The name of the series is: Portals Of Infinity. The title for Book I is 'Champion for Hire'.

I really need to figure out what I'm going to write next, but I've been sort of focused on the new assignment. However as I'm hoping to have a lot of free time on my hands in the evenings (I don't know anyone in Vegas and I'm not really the gambling type) I'm thinking I should put that to use writing.