Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Wives Tales Compilation in Paperback

 I know there were some folks who wanted this for this collection, so I finally took care of it. All four of the Wives Tales editions, which each contained a pair of shorts about each of Sean's wives, are now out in one book. 

It's only out as a paperback, because I figure most folks already have the ebooks as they were all sold pretty cheap. The paperback is $4.99 US - price varies in other countries though I kept the royalty to about 25 cents in every case. Sadly in some places (I'm looking at you Australia!) it costs a lot to publish a paperback, so the price is higher than I would have liked.

Here's the Amazon URL for the book:

So that's 9 stories, one for all seven wives, then two more about situations that people had been asking me about.