Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Book Four, writing continues

As of last night, book 4 passed the halfway point in the first draft. I'm still on schedule to deliver in March, but to be honest I had hoped to be to the 2/3rds point by now. However, work issues have gotten in the way with the day job (lots of unexpected OT), and I've been sick for the last two weeks on top of that.

This weekend was very productive, and I got almost back on track. As next weekend I'll be home for Valentines day, I'm not sure how productive the writing side of things will be, but I'm taking the Friday before off, and will try to make that a full writing day.

Book 4 doesn't have a title yet, I've always been bad about titles, not sure why, but I need to get rolling on that so I can contact Dane, my cover artist over at eBookLaunch.com so he can get started on it. I've been incredibly happy with his work, he's really excellent at the job.

Book 2 is in audiobook form now as well, on Amazon and ACX. Rob Shamblin, my narrator has also been great and done truly wonderful work. It's gotten to the point where I hear his voice in my head a lot when I'm writing several of the character's dialogues.

I'm hoping to return to full time writing here in the future, so I can go back to publishing every six weeks or so. I also want to announce that I am planning to spin Nikki's story (Will's sister) off into a series of its own. Ideally I'd like to alternate writing the stories, and there are a few other books on the line up I want to finish. The only way to do that and keep the POI series coming out at a regular interval to keep everyone happy, is to return to writing forty to sixty hours a week.

Plus writing full-time makes me happy, that so many people enjoy my stories as well is like winning the Olympics. Yes the pay isn't great, but the job satisfaction is immense.