Friday, February 24, 2017

First person, or Third Person?

So, thinking of starting work again on the third book in the COS trilogy, this would be the book to follow Interregnum. The big question is, third person, or first person?
The first two books have been told in first person, but book three jumps around to several different viewpoints (and back again) throughout the book. Because it doesn't just follow Raj around, it also follows several other characters from other books in the 'world'.

So if I did it as 1st person, there would be a lot of head jumping, and I don't know how well it would work. If I do it as third person, it will be the first book in that 'world' system done as a third person.

So, comments?

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Advertising someone else...

An artist that I know online is putting out a comic that I've been following for a while now.
I actually like it, the story is a little strange, but it's consistent and I enjoy the art.
I'm also very curious as to where this story is going to go, because it really has some interesting twists and turns.

So if you want to check it out:

I'd put up a twitter link to the artist () but I'm not on Twitter. They're also on FA, for those of you who go there.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Portals of Infinity Audiobooks, more coming soon!

Okay, so today I just did the deal with a new voice actor to do book #3 of the Portals of Infinity series. I'm not sure how long it will take for them to do it, right now we're thinking about two months as this is their first audiobook, and not only do they have to get the procedures down, they also have to learn the process of getting the files in the proper format for ACX (which is actually pretty involved).

I'm very happy about this, and they are too. They like the series and they want to do -all- of the remaining books in it. As they have a lot of fans from other work they've done, I'm hopeful that this means the audio books will see really good sales fairly quickly (as we get them out) so he will be more than happy to keep working on them.

Dusty Rhodes (Dustykatt) is the guy who will be doing them. We actually go way back, and when I heard he was looking for a book series to do, I asked him to do it. I'm really happy he's into it, the demo he gave me was really good and I liked it. I very much want to see the whole series done in audio, and I'm hopeful now that it will get done. It won't happen over night of course, at five more books (with another one coming) it will probably take a year to get them all done. But at least the process is going again.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Now the world can see what Governor Brown's neglect looks like

For his entire time in office, Governor Brown of California has neglected state infrastructure, especially as it applies to water resources. I actually think it's something of a fetish for him, along with his ability to fail at pretty damn near everything he does, other than run for office and play political games (i.e. tell lies). When he was attorney general for the State of California, he used his powers and the 'anti-global warming laws' to shut down many major projects, because curing concrete gives off CO2. So he used his power to do a lot of destruction.

And now we're seeing the price. One of the biggest dams in the world is about to fail. It already destroyed the spillway, because no one bothered to take care of it, and when they last did maintenance on it, they did a shoddy second rate job. Then the idiots who run the dam shut the spillway OFF for several critical days, and well now the water is flowing over the 'emergency spillway'. That's a fancy title for 'the top of the dam'. Now true, in the particular area, it was made to be the first place for the dam to breech if the water went up too high. But still, it's not supposed to be used except as a last ditch 'we hope we don't all die' kind of thing.

You see the problem is, the ground beneath that 'spillway' really isn't made to withstand the kind of flows it is now seeing and guess what? There is now a hole in the dam.

They finally opened up the spillway to the max, something the idiots in charge should have done days ago. But these people don't know math and they don't know science, and they could NOT understand that if water is coming in faster than it is going out, the water level will go up, not down. Honestly, they didn't understand that. I'm not kidding. They didn't.

Seriously, they couldn't figure that out.

If the emergency spillway fails, that means the top ten or twenty feet of the ENTIRE lake will suddenly flow out, all at once, unimpeded. What does that mean?

Well it means that Oroville will be scoured clean from the face of the earth. It means that the secondary dam will be destroyed. It means that the Feather River will massively overflow its banks. Same for the Sacramento river, so Yuba City will see serious damage, the Capitol will flood, and probably a few bridges (like I-80 and maybe I-5) will be washed away. It will do billions of dollars worth of damage (it's already done tens of millions of dollars worth of damage)and probably thousands dead. All because Moonbeam is too damn incompetent to do his job. Same for the rest of the democrats in office.

If only we'd elected responsible adults to office here in California. But responsible adults are not what the people of California want.

We have a huge storm coming in a few days. And then there is the huge snowpack that will melt come spring. If they manage to save the dam tomorrow, that is no guarantee that they will save it again next weekend.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

On Audio Books

Just in case I haven't mentioned it (I think I did, but I forget), I am working with someone to try and get the audio book versions of the Portals of Infinity series restarted. No promises yet, I still have to find out if this person not only wants to do it, but can do it. Right now they're investigating it and considering it.

This would be their first audio book, but not their first bit of voice work.

We will just have to see what develops. If it doesn't work out, I have a few other things I can try next. I very much want to get more of these done, I know there are people out there who would like to buy them.