Thursday, November 19, 2020

This is why I'm getting out of Audiobooks


  1. Reading that article, and the problems I know authors have. I can understand why getting out of the audio book game, is probably a better financial decision.

    That said I enjoy your audio books and your ebooks, and not doing audio won’t stop me from buying them. I will be a supportive fan and reader.

  2. I’m disappointed to learn that Audible is encouraging customers to return audiobooks they enjoyed. I would hope that most/all of those using Audible as a rental service don’t realize that authors and narrators aren’t being paid!

    I would certainly hope and expect that true rental sites such as Hoopla and Scribd actually pay authors when we listen to audiobooks!

    I’ve noted with interest the dramatic amount of money Michael-Scott Earle is now making via Kickstarter and BandCamp, after having been summarily executed on the Amazon platform. For anyone, such as you...hint...hint..., that has a large fanbase and can tap into Kickstarter that could be a game changer for Audible’s ancient system.

    I much prefer audiobooks over Kindle or other ebooks, and I hope you’ll continue producing audiobooks for your fans - especially if you can do it without being under Audible’s thumb.

    I’ve shared Susan May’s horrific blog post as a status update on GoodReads, and I hope my GR friends either have never participated in this...or stop immediately!

    Bye for now,

  3. Would have liked to see you finish POI audiobooks before stopping. Or at least moved them to some other service like bandcamp. Probably gonna start looking into TTS for books with no audiobooks now.

  4. as others have mentioned, I personally would love to see your hammer commission books done on a dual (male female voices) format on kickstarter. You really don't know the scope of your fan base. I Loved your valens legacy books and would support your kickstarter or bandcamp audiobooks. Try it. I support every crowd fund that MSE does and I have yet to read any Space Knight,I support them because I love the other series he does and want them to continue. Please try this and I know they will blow up. If it doesn't you don't lose anything and if it does, we all gain.


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