Sunday, March 14, 2021

The Portals Of Infinity Audiobook Kickstarter is doing great!


So my Portals of Infinity Audiobook kickstarter is closing in on the stretch goal for the third audiobook.

That means if you pledge $30, you'll be getting 6 (six!) audiobooks. The current versions of Temples and Trials, The Sea of Grass, and Demigods and Deities, Plus Reprisal, Kaiju, and The Seven Worlds!

 All of that for $30! That's $5 per audiobook!

I will be adding some higher tiers to the Kickstarter over the next week, ones that have been suggested to me, as well as a couple I wanted to do as 'add-ons' but was unable to because of the way Kickstarter works.

And remember, if I hit the total goal of this Kickstarter ($20,000) You'll be getting all 10 (Ten!) of the current books, in audiobook format, by the very talented Jessica Threet!


  1. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Any chance of a kickstarter for another Portals series book?

  2. If you're talking audiobooks, we'll see how this one does, but if they aren't all funded, there's a good chance I'll do another one, seeing as this one's done so well.
    If you're talking about another book in the series, I'm hoping to start the initial work on that around the end of next week. I just need to finish up my current project.


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