Saturday, November 19, 2022

Had shoulder surgery yesterday


Okay, I got out of surgery 6ish I think, I didn't get out of the place till like 7:30pm. Never had so much trouble coming out of anesthesia before. I've got a nerve block on my right arm that will take several days to wear off and my right arm is now useless until then. Oh and the sling is gigantic and might as well be a body cast.
I had no idea that the aftermath would be like this. It wasn't the last time! I'm reduced to typing left handed and I can't wear any kind of shirt. So it's going to be very cold. But at least I'm not stumbling around. I am sleeping sitting up tonight however.

I am definitely going to be out of commission for a while. But at least it doesn't hurt. Though that could be the nerve block. I've got a lot of questions for the doc when I see him next.
Don't expect to see a lot of posts for a while, typing only with my left hand is gonna take some time to train.

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  1. S Walters11:06 AM

    I'm glad to hear that your surgery went well and I hope all goes well for you. Happy Thanksgiving!


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