Saturday, December 17, 2022

So, Yes Been Thinking

Lot of blog posts this week. Wonder why? ;-) 

So I've been thinking about things, obviously and I've realized a few things as well. First off, I shouldn't be unhappy that a lot of folks didn't want to spend the $8.99 for the Summer's End ebook when I've made a friggin' career out of always having low prices to try and make it easier on my readers. I mean, seriously! I took forever to go to $4.99 and I think I may STILL have some books out there at $2.99. Definitely more than a few at $3.99.

So it's pretty mean spirited of me to bitch about this. So mea culpa. 

Will I be writing the sequel? Probably. It's on my schedule to be written in January so I'll probably still be doing it. Will it ever be sold? Probably not. I haven't heard word one from my publisher, so I'm thinking that they're not interested. December is definitely the worst time in the traditional publishing business to release a book if you're not somebody famous. I guess they may be waiting to see what happens in January - but for me, I've moved on. 

I think I mentioned somewhere that one of the 'lower level' folks who works there that I was talking to mentioned they were considering putting the book up for an award. One I wouldn't mind having though I honestly know I don't have a prayer of winning. Who knows? If they do, maybe that'd rekindle sales but again, no longer my concern.

What I do need to do is focus on the here and now. If I'm not going to be writing books for them, (they've been rather quiet the last two weeks and for me 'quiet' equals 'bad news' - but who knows, maybe I'm wrong on that) that will free up a lot of time this coming year and while one of the two series I was looking to write for them I won't be writing unless they ask me for it, the other I'll write for myself, which also means you lot :-) I also of course have a few more things Valens that I want to get done.

So with the end of the year coming up it's time to move on to new things. Yes, I'd hoped to be able to be successful as both a traditional published writer as well as an indy writer. Barring a miracle, that is not to be. C'est la vie. 

Again, I very much want to thank all of you for having been there and for having supported me. It has meant a lot to me, and again, I shouldn't have been unhappy over folks who just couldn't afford it. Or chose not to spend that much, especially on a new genre that they don't have an interest in.

Last of all, I'm not going to be on Social Media much for a little while. I'm trying to 'break' that addiction so I can spend more time writing. It's become a bit insidious how much of my time it has come to consume. I'll still be on Patreon & SubscribeStar of course, and I do pop into my discord a couple times a week. But I want to see just how long I can stay off of Facebook, Twitter, and Mewe. 

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy all those other holidays which I know happen around now but I'm not exactly sure when.



  1. Mikkel10:18 AM

    Honestly I completely forgot to buy it. I think so far I’ve bought 7 or 8 books for series I was already reading. Then I started rebuying a series I had originally bought in different format for a device I no longer have access to.
    I also just came off a re-read of the entire Valens series.
    So it’s probably just a question of timing for me.

    I wish I could consume less social media, but unless we count YouTube I’m already down to basically checking Facebook for posts from authors I follow, or using it as a calendar.

    Anywho, you do what makes sense to you and your business, and I’m pretty sure most of us will be picking up whatever you write, maybe not on release, but definitely at some point (mostly depending on the to be read pile).

    Happy holidays, and enjoy the break from the craziness of social media.

  2. S Walters11:24 AM

    I bought, read and loved Summer's End. It was well worth the money. I have been looking forward to the next one. It sounds like that might not happen? That would be a shame, because the book is really good. Honestly, people, pony up and buy it! Put it on your Christmas wish list. Give up your Starbucks for one day. You won't regret it!

    1. My Publisher has told me that they want me to write it. So they'll probably get it in February.

    2. S Walters12:14 PM

      Wonderful! I look forward to it!!!

  3. Just finished Summers End. Outstanding! I really hope there is a sequel. I’ll buy it

  4. Anonymous11:51 AM

    $8.99 for a Kindle book is definitely rather high (especially for someone addicted to KU), but since the audiobook is only $1.99 as an add-on, the combined price is quite reasonable!

    - Denis Jones (kickstarter participant for POI and Dan's Inferno)


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