Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Almost done with being sick!

I got sick Saturday. A combination of cold & flu & massive allergy attack. Somewhere in there I think I also picked up a case of food poisoning as well :-P

Today is the first day I haven't spent more in bed than out of bed, which is nice, because I usually don't get sick for more than a day or two, so being down for like four in a row was complete misery (and I felt it too).

Now I can get back to work!


  1. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Great to know your getting better. I have just stated reading your Portals series and I have one question. Do you plan on making audible versions for books three and on?

    1. Yes, I do have plans to make audible versions.
      I have a new voice actor working on them, the problem however is that he's new to doing books, and there is a learning curve (because of the way the files have to be recorded and edited) so it's taking longer than expected.


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