Monday, April 17, 2017

So yes, that Harem story

I finished one, and will eventually (probably next month) be putting out a second one. They are under a different name however: Jan Stryvant. Why? Because while I actually enjoy harem fiction, (I think the E. William Brown stories are some of the best) it's not really what I normally write, and well 'Brand Recognition' I guess you would say. I don't mind people knowing that I wrote it, however I want people to understand that this is something different from what I normally write.
And yes, I'm sure there are people who are going to hate me for writing it. Again, different name, so they can just ignore it and not worry about stumbling on it by mistake.

Anyway, here's the link for it on Amazon: Shadow, by Jan Stryvant 

Let me know what you think, and if you like it, write a nice review and tell all your friends.

I may make a gmail address and possibly a blog page for that author name, so if people want to talk about it, they have a place to go. Without having to know my real name.


  1. I read it, and enjoyed it. Despite the common tropes with your other books, the setting comes across as very different.

    My first reaction: Shadow reminds me of Will without the socialization. Can't say "without the empathy," but even with it and his sense of justice he's a much scarier individual than your other protagonists.

    1. Yeah, he really doesn't have much of a conscience. He's much more rooted in the 'now'.
      Will feels bad about some of the things he's done in the past. Shadow doesn't.

      (redone for spelling error)

  2. So here's a thought, with your new series about the Lycan lion, why not combine them all into a decent sized book and run through the entire story uninterrupted? It seems that authors nowadays are unable to tell an entire story without breaking it into prices, selling them off one at a time.

    I've enjoyed the series so far but hate waiting another month to find myself only one step closer to the conclusion off the story.

    1. Because that doesn't work and won't sell. It also won't make me very much money.

      This is how I make my living. I am intimately familiar with the industry and what people will buy, and what they won't buy. I'm actually working 12 to 16 hour days, 6 to 7 days a week, to get this story out by releasing a book every 3 weeks. I'm releasing them as fast as I write them.

      Now, from a financial point of view, three 60K books make me a lot more money than one 180K book (or one 360K book, as the first part of the series will be at least six books). Especially when the most I can charge for that 180K word book (or even the 360K one) is 4.99.

      Further, that big book? It won't sell anywhere near as well as the shorter books (and the current books at 60,000 works aren't really that short, they are 'decent sized books'). People are far more likely to spend the money on a shorter book than a longer one. Also, people want series, the longer the better.

      And people want a book released every month, or sooner. I'm sorry that you have to wait three weeks for each book in the series, but this is the way the market works, and it's the way you have to perform if you want to be successful. Understand that my hourly wage, when you work out the hours I put in, to the money I get paid, is incredibly low. I often work 100 hour weeks. I'm not going to do anything that cuts my hourly income (which is already very low - like minimum wage low) in half.

      So it's not that authors are unable, it's that THIS is what the market wants them to do. If they want to be able to pay the bills.

  3. Jan, I've thought further about my initial comments and realized that I was off base. Many great writers have put out series of books, and have for at least a century. One of my favorite comes to mind as Edgar Rice Burroughs and his Martian Chronicles. Another is JRR Tolkien, another Terry Brooks.

    So my friend, live long and prosper off the royalties. I'm a fan and enjoy your work!

  4. I love your books and want to say thank you for all you hard work best of luck and just know you have a huge fan

  5. I am a avid speed reader and have reread your first four Valens novels 3 times already! It is certainly refreshing to find a author that can draw in a reader like me that thrives on science fiction/ fantasy novels. You throw your characters into deep end right off the bat and give them only the most basic tools to help them learn to swim. I would have to rank your skills among those of R.A. Salvatore, Terry Brooks, Elaine Cunningham! I am greatly anticipating your next book like a starving man waiting for their meal to finish cooking!

    1. Wow! Thank you very much for the compliment! That's a pretty impressive list of authors to be compared to!

  6. I found your books over the weekend and I'm an avid reader , finished the valens series and shadow cat, loved them, waiting every 3 weeks is not bad so I'm looking forward to the continuing saga, chuckle


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