Thursday, May 11, 2017

I am so tired of Grammar Nazi's, who DON'T KNOW GRAMMAR

So yeah, some guy gave me a 3 star on Deities and Demigods, because 'there were too many apostrophes,' as in I used it's instead of its throughout the entire book. They then go on to how I need to hire an editor.

What is it with these morons who don't know grammar and their complaining about indy authors needing editors? Really? WHAT IS IT? Cause I hired an editor for that book!

So I went through the entire book and looked at each and every single case of it's and I found -1- (one) that's it, just ONE wrong usage. Which of course I fixed immediately. All of the rest were either contractions for 'it is' or 'it has'. Every Single One.

I don't know what it is with these people. I'll put my editing, before I hire an editor, up against -any- publishing company out there. Because I've seen worse in paperbacks by the big 5 that I have bought, than in my own average story. This is also why I fired my editor. What is the point of hiring an editor to fix your grammar mistakes and typos when these yahoos who do not know grammar at all are going to complain about it no matter what? I could have perfect grammar in a book, totally perfect, but they're still going to complain. I guess so they can feel superior or something.

Look, we all make mistakes, it just happens. And I appreciate those who do find them and send them to me in an email so I can fix them. But those folks who write reviews where they crow about 'all the bad grammar' and then don't supply the examples? Yeah, those people are full of it.


  1. Couple of things for you John. First, I'm a hater of the Grammar Nazi's. I personally believe a great number of them are hired by the editing houses to try and force self-published authors into using them. That's my soapbox.

    Secondly, you may remember me as Silvaine on Amazon and the thread we went back and forth on. I had the opportunity to read a review recently where the reviewer claimed you had to be a moron to like this book. Well my friend, this is my apology and an admission of being a jackass. When I read that I thought the guy was a pompous jerk; who is he to tell me I'm a moron. This of course brought me back to our discussion and I realized I was that pompous jerk in my review of one of your books. My apologies my friend. I suck.

    1. Apology accepted. If that was the review I'm thinking of, I also went and deleted my responses (as I said I would) once the parts talking about my fans was deleted.


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