Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Book Three in the Days of Future Past trilogy is now out!

For those who have been waiting (and especially for those who won't buy book 1 until book 3 is done in a trilogy) book three is now out:

And for the truly observant, that's Riggs on the cover this time.


  1. We can't buy it in Australia?

    Your books have never been restricted from purchasing outside the US before as I own almost all of them.

    1. Okay, according to everything I have, it says it's for sale in Australia. If you can't buy it, call Amazon customer service and see what they say.
      I'm going to send them an email as well.

    2. This is the link I get for it via the store there, is it working for you?

    3. I used the link from a follower email from Amazon initially.

      Then since accordingtohoyt had a promo i used the link after posting here. That worked fine. Oh well, purchased.

  2. Huh? I'll go take a look at it, I -always- sell in Australia! I have a lot of fans there.


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