Monday, November 19, 2018

Liftmaster CSL24UL Installation Problems

Okay, yeah, this isn't a writing post. But it's one of those things that there is NOTHING on the internet about, and if there had been, I could have fixed this sooner and not had to wait for Monday to call the company and spend half an hour going over everything. They didn't solve all of the issues for me, but they gave me enough info to solve it myself.

So, you've installed the Liftmaster CSL24UL automatic gate yourself, because you didn't feeling like paying almost five grand to a tech to do it. And now, well, it's not working.

Here is where I was at: No errors on the diagnostics, two sensors installed (I was told two was minimum, but not why. If you hold the open or closed button down, it will move after five seconds, but it will scream at you the entire time. All three input lights on the main board are blinking yellow (and maybe on the accessory board as well).

Well first off, if you have the accessory board, you have to hook your sensors up there. That's why the main board blinks sensor lights blink, because it isn't doing that job anymore.

Secondly you must have one sensor for the gate opening and one for it closing (that's why you need TWO minimum). You won't find this in the instructions.

Third is the edge (get the wireless kit for it, it makes life so much easier). Now the little pictogram instructions with the edge are annoying. Because they don't tell you damn near anything and following them won't often work. The edge has two wires inside. When they touch, it's a short. When they don't touch, well the cap at the far end has a resistor in it. So the unit sees that resistor and knows it's working. An open circuit won't work.

So before you put the edge together, find the two wires embedded in the bumper at either end of the rubber bumper strip (the length of the strip is immaterial btw). The end caps? The way they send them to you isn't the way they work. Take them apart BEFORE you put them in the edge, not AFTER. Why? Because those probes you see in the small cap with the wire? Those have to line up with the wire in the rubber bumper. So you may have to turn it a little. The non-wired cap that goes on the other end has them too, and they have to line up as well. Because that cap has the 8.3K ohm resister in it.

So get an understanding of how you have to put that cap in, before you put it all together. Also, don't put the locking clips on the ends on until you've checked the resistance with an ohm meter, like the little pictures tell you. The edge is supposed to be an opening detector, not a closing one. So another FYI there, it goes on the edge that's leading when the gate opens.

Most everything else is in the instructions, but for some reason, that information was not. And I wasted half a day because of it.

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  1. Sounds like a YouTube video. I have done advanced level DIY, and YouTube was critical for filling in the gaps of knowledge.


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