Thursday, November 01, 2018

Valens #11, Red Skies, almost done

It's a couple of hundred words from being completed. Then I'll spend a day or two on the re-write and send it off to the editor. Cover art is being worked on as we speak. So with any luck it should be released by next Friday.

Then it's on to the next one!


  1. Anonymous2:48 PM

    I'm sure you've gotten a lot of questions about it but is there any word on portals of infinity book 9?

    1. I haven't set a date on #9 yet. I wanted to try and finish up the next several Valens books before I went back to it, but the move kinda messed up my schedule, because here it is November and I'd hoped to be a lot farther along on Valens than I am. There will be a Portals of Infinity #9. There'll be a #10 as well. I just need to learn to write faster :-/


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