Tuesday, March 05, 2019

On Sale! 99 cents until next week!

The following are on sale until the middle of next week, all for only 99 cents, each!

Link: -> Portals of Infinity: Book One: Champion for Hire!

Link: -> Part 1 of the Days of the Future Past Trilogy!


  1. Anonymous3:34 PM

    So is there ever going to be a The King of Las Vegas book 2 or audio book? Or book 4 for Hammer Commission"?

    1. Sales of the other audiobooks weren't strong enough to do a King of Vegas audiobook. I'd have to think on a sequel to that book, it did sell okay, so it may happen.

      A sequel to Loose Ends is kind of unlikely unless the sales for it suddenly pick up or someone pays me a large sum of money. While Hammer Commission and Wolf Killer had great sales, Loose Ends did not. It didn't even sell 2000 copies. No idea why it bombed, it had good reviews but no one bought it. So there aren't many people looking for the next book in the series. If I wrote it, I doubt it would sell 500 copies.


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