Thursday, March 14, 2019

Pirates *sigh*

If you have downloaded my ebooks from anyplace other than Amazon, you have an illegal copy.

There is a site in a foreign country, that does not care about copyright law, with a large number of pirated books on it, including most of my catalogue. They try and make it look like what they're doing is legal (it isn't) and that they have permission (they don't). The guy running the website is a former politician and complete scumbag.

Unfortunately, the country involved doesn't give a damn about things like this, even if it is against the law. I'm sent him several legal notices, but he refuses to honor a single one.

So again, please don't download my books from anyplace other than Amazon. No one else has permission to sell my ebooks.

Dealing with this guy has pretty much left me unable to write all week. He'd been cutting into my income significantly. It's quite depressing that NO ONE will stop this man.


  1. J - do you have his US legal residence address?

    1. We have some addresses on him, we're trying to find him at them so we can serve him. I wasn't going to mention this, until we served him, but apparently someone has been watching for lawsuits being filed against this guy and we filed in Federal Court a few days ago.
      Apparently there are now a lot of very happy people...

  2. Airwolf9:29 AM

    Do you have the link to his site? I know some people who could hack it.


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