Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Valens Heritage #9 is now out: Troyland

Everyone, Valens Heritage, book #9, and the third book about our former goofball cheetah, Troy, is out. Obviously his thoughts for his new Mongolian based theme park, are still very much on his mind!

Link-> Troyland (Valens Heritage Book 9)


Yes, I'd hoped to do the next Mihalis & Sean book which takes place in Nighthome / Faederland, the place of the Dark Elves and the Goblins, but with the things I was dealing with at the time, I needed something a little 'lighter' to write. Though I did give Ian and Craig their very own chapter! (Of course now those ungreats want more...) 

I'm sorry about the time gap in publishing, but as I've mentioned before, the place I publish these was starting to show signs of banning people for writing 'harem' and a number of authors took measures. I decided to just wait and see what happened. Apparently cooler heads prevailed because the things we all feared didn't happen. 

So please! Give it a look!


  1. Valentine9:34 PM

    I really enjoyed Troyland and hope to visit it again in the future. Having all of Troy's siblings avenge him seemed appropriate. I'm not sure if Ian and Craig could support an entire novel, but perhaps a Sibling's Tales like the Wive's Tales would work.

    Have a great and productive summer.

    Spoilers ahead.

    I had been recently contemplating the status of Roxy, Peg, their kids, and those they've bitten. I wondered if and when you would address it. Well you certainly did address it, and in a way that I didn't expect.

    Going back over the first series, and with has happened in the Mihalis books, I've come to the conclusion that the real reason why Chad wasn't allowed to become a Lion is that The First was afraid Chad would take over.

  2. I enjoyed it, too. When I re-read it this weekend, I noticed something I hadn't really absorbed the first time through - the First telling Troy about meeting the *real* creator implies the First's earlier references to human/elf/djinn/lycan-not-just-lion souls and their destination may have a lot more data behind it than just "they exist."

    Or, of course, the First is just messing with Troy. But his sorrow about not remembering anything about his lost love other than a few shreds of almost-memory seemed quite convincing.

    Of course, that also implies that eventually, no matter how many millennia it might take, they might be reunited.

    This also offers possibilities for any other lion who'd loved and lost a mortal.


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