Thursday, May 23, 2024

Today Sucks

 So Yesterday I released the New Wolfhounds book.

This morning I wake up to a wet floor in the den. I figured it out quickly, someone knocked the line off of the dehumidifier up in the attic, some time ago. Maybe two weeks ago when there was service being done? And it was knocked off because it wasn't installed correctly last year.

So, WATER everywhere in the attic. No idea what the final damage will be, hopefully we won't have to have any walls replaced as so far, the water only ran down inside the wall. Still there's a lot up there and trying to dry it out. The company who does all the work for us have sent people out, because I'm VERY concerned about an electrical fire. Because water on top of electrical equipment up there. Also with all that powered off we have no AC and it's gonna be in the 90's today with about 90 percent humidity.

THEN, on top of all this:

Someone HATES Wolfhounds book #3, Force Majeure. They hate it SOOOO MUCH, that they posted a negative review with blatant spoilers about EVERYTHING they HATED. 

I'm guessing that they're 10? Maybe 12? We know how puberty can be tough on boys...

Look, I get it if you don't like the way a book ends. I'll admit I was still dealing with the death of my dog (and long time friend) during all of the writing of that book. Perhaps it's a bit darker in places that it would have been. But it was always the plot to have certain things happen and I floated ALL of it past my Patreons and SubscribeStar members to make sure it wasn't out of line. I also floated it past a bunch of my Beta readers. None of them had a problem with what I did.

But this young man just couldn't deal with the kinds of things that adults do in life, and that yes, bad things happen to people, even when they're doing good. Or that SOME PEOPLE have different moral standards than HE does. 

I mean, I don't care if he doesn't like the book. I don't care if he gives it a bad review. I DO care that he put spoilers up, and there's only two other reviews, so that everyone has some of the plot elements given away. People like this are why we can't have nice things. They can't let anyone else enjoy things that THEY don't like. They just can't keep their pie-hole shut.

It's like the people who complained that Rape is MENTIONED in the book. Your NEVER SEE IT, but to show just how bad the bad guys are, we learn that they rape and murder women. 

OH MY GOD!!! YOU MENTIONED RAPE!!! Mind you, you never see it. You just hear about it.

Seriously, WHAT THE H**L PEOPLE? You can't deal with hearing about bad things? Have any of you watched the news, ever, in your life? Studied history? I've had to deal with incredibly nasty things in real life. I've saved women from being raped. I've saved people from dying. If you're such a fragile flower that you can't deal with just hearing about something happening in a fictional story, off screen, I'm worried for you and your ability to just function in life! 

Yesterday was my birthday. It's also the anniversary of my mother's death (Yes, she died on my birthday 4 years ago). So I don't celebrate it anymore. Instead we were going to celebrate it today, and then all of this happens. So yeah, today sucks. Yesterday sucked. Tomorrow isn't looking any better.

If you want to help me, WRITE a review, don't just give a rating, WRITE a 4 or 5 star review to push that idiot off the front page. Maybe report it. BUT!!! Don't do it if you haven't read it AND enjoyed it. Maybe the book does suck. Maybe I should just give up on writing this series. Hell, I almost quit when my dog died. Maybe I should have.


  1. No, no, no! Please don't stop writing. I love the Wolfhounds Series! I discovered them a couple days ago and finished the series in two days. I could not put it down and now I want more! Please, please, keep writing.

  2. Siksix6:12 PM

    I am gonna tell ya man, this is a good series. I was picking up the last book of Starship's Mage and Stand Alone popped in the 'Discover your next Read' section. I read all three of them in three days. Excellent reads, all of them. I hope you continue.

  3. I just wanted to say that I loved book 3. I have loved the series so much that after reading it on Kindle Unlimited I went and bought them, just as I did with Days of Future Past and Portals of Infinity. Please don't quit writing.

  4. Joshua2:49 PM

    Ill say book 3 was my favorite book so far. I've enjoyed all three but this was my first 4 star review. I don't know how many it has right now but ill write a review when I can this evening. It doesn't remove the other but we'll done on this one and can't wait for the next.

  5. I would first like to say I'm sorry to hear about your dog. And the issues with your humidifier. I know this is you putting yourself out there in your writing (not literally), but emotionally. Be that as it may there will always be those that don't or won't appreciate being reminded that things like this can, and do happen in the real world. But your writing about these things in this series is important! As is your commitment to not glorifying it. The way this series shows the good and the bad of the VALUES that WE choose to apply in our lives effects how we view the world. The main character being raised as a "BAD" guy, but still having moral values in specific productive ways ie. Loyalty, hard work, etc. while the "GOOD" speaker allows and encourages immoral actions is a good contrast. I am very much looking forward to next book!

  6. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Hi! I've read all 3 Wolfhounds books. I've enjoyed all three. I am sorry to hear about your dog. People who don't have pets don't understand that the loss of a pet is the same as the loss of a family member. It's hard. And that leads me to book three. it's a bit dark but not overly so. Sure there are some shocking things in it but nothing that really hasn't been put in place in the earlier books--if people took the time to read them! I have absolute faith in the story you are crafting, book 4 will be tense, painful, conflict filled but ultimately triumphant. I am looking forward to seeing how you pull all the different threads together. I am still excited about this series as I am with "FitzDuncan" series by John Spearman or the "Silent Order" series by Jonathan Moeller. Great work looking forward to the next.

  7. Julian1:36 PM

    Excellent series. Please continue writing, and this series in particular. All I can say is that he must be a member of the DPRS. My enjoyment of this series is what brought me here, to find out about the subsequent books, as I have read the first three multiple times. Greatly appreciate your story telling skills and looking forward to the next book.


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