Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Wolfhounds Book 3 - Force Majeure is now live on Amazon!

 Sorry it's a month late, but there were some RL life things that got in the way.

But enough about that! It's here now!

Force Majeure




  1. Anonymous11:32 PM

    I wonder if you're "shadow banned" on Amazon. In spite of the fact that I'm following you on Amazon, I didn't receive a notification (email, kindle recommendation, or web page suggestion) that a new book is available, either for this one or for Troyland.

    In both cases, it took significant effort digging (search for your name on Amazon, pick one of your books so I can click on your name, then go to your page, then select sort-by-publication-date) before I could even find the book to buy. C'est la vie, at least I have something to read tomorrow.

  2. This just came out. So it takes a while for Amazon to populate it. If you want to know when I release a book, sign up for my mailing list. I only post to it when there's a new release. Usually on the day following the release.

  3. Nosrepsan@aim.com10:22 PM

    Just finished Wolfhounds book 3 FANTASTIC, Hurry back with your next book, You sure know how to END on a DIME A GREAT story! My wife laughing at my reaction 😂

  4. Finished and really like the direction you are going with the story and can't wait for book four.

    Quick question: I know a few months ago you mentioned that you sent book 2 of Summer's End to Baen Books. Any word on when we might see book two?


    1. Right now it's slated for early next Spring (2025). I hope they get it out earlier, but I think the only way that happens is if someone else misses a deadline.

  5. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Wow...ok then. I hope it does come out sooner.

    I was curious how the family dynamics would work out for the MC.


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