Wednesday, June 12, 2024

(Frustrated screaming intensifies)

There are a fair number of people, who I know personally, and have known for decades. These people all know that I am a Highly -Successful Self-Published Author.
Yet, few of these people will take a few minutes to ASK ME about how it all works and end up getting scammed out of money!!

Dammit!! What the hell people!

MONEY FLOWS TO THE AUTHOR! YOU DO NOT PAY SOMEONE TO PUBLISH YOUR BOOKS! Hell, I can walk you through it in a few minutes and save you a fortune.

Maybe I need to write up a presentation and put it on Youtube or something.

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  1. It's a matter of goals.

    I had a relative "publish" a book where she had to pay the publisher. One of the memorable arguments was getting an ISBN assigned. But after a while of arguing (and I think increasing the payment) she got the ISBN.

    At the end of it, she ended up with a box of books which she was able to give away to friends, and got to check the "I'm a published author" box on her bucket list. I doubt any of the books ever sold (or any of the recipients read it), but she and the publisher were both content.

    Feel free to relay this to any friends contemplating such publishing, asking them "is this what you are after?"


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